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Ryu  kato


"Mai pen lai......."

studied architecture in Tokyo National University of Fine art and Music

Ryu Kato , male , 25 , AB , 175 , 58 , Japanese, 



Experience1 Vippassana Meditation

Meditation…??? It wasn’t familiar word to me. I had never done a sort of meditation, and never been interested in Buddhism or religion so strongly……. Yes, I was skeptical about meditation, maybe because I am Japanese? In fact, since ten years ago we are really sick of fake religion story.

Anyway, I came to Thailand, joined Vippassana 10 days course, and began practicing Meditation.

To be honest during 10 days I couldn’t be happy. I felt bored. Then I understood that I have very strong ego (now still I don’t know that I should destroy my ego or not).

But after 10 days, came back daily life, kept practicing meditation everyday because I wanted to try doing meditation in my ordinary life. (I smoke, drink alcohol, eat meat.) And it is working now.

I mean that STOP THINKING for 1 hour a day is very good for my brain (my body,too?). Actually I still cannot stop thinking long times. But certainly I quit trying to remember everything , and got how to release, forget.

I am breathing right now, yes, that’s true.


Experience2 A trip to Lung-Cha-Luoy’s farm and Wat-Nhong-Pa-Pong

This trip was also new experience to me. Especially 2 days in temple with monks and their strict routine were really important occasion because they’re quite different life, idea, action.

Getting up 3 AM………….it isn’t so difficult

Group meditation………….amazing, very very good vibration

Walking in a town to get foods………uh,,,it seems to be a system which is established between temple and people who live in the town. Or should I say that it’s communication?

1 meal a day at 8 AM………………oh, so hard, help me

After this trip I am so curious about other religion. I want to know that why do people need a religion.

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