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Suwan Laimanee ; Painting on T-shirt



Artist name : Suwan Laimanee

Title : No patents on seeds
Size :

Year : 2003-present

Technique and materials : hand-painted, silkscreen printing on cotton

Concept : have been wearing those messages on T-shirt since 2003. No Patents on seeds, No Patents for Greed and No Patents on Thai Jasmine Rice are translating into English, French, German, Swedish and Thai language.

Each T-shirt is a unique piece, some are hand-painted, silkscreen printing or a combining of those techniques. I wear those T-shirt everyday as a ritual on every occasion. It is a kind of message information about our existence of living and our fragile environment. 

Nobody, not anyone, can claim ownership or assume exclusive rights. Food is not an industrial commodity. I will wear those messages on my T-shirt as long as I still alive.

Price :  2000 Euro

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