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The Jürgenson/KREV Starhouse

artists: Carl Michael von Hausswolff / Thomas Nordanstad

concept: Carl Michael von Hausswolff

basic architectural plans: Carl Michael von Hausswolff

architect and supervisor: Sawapat Chaiyarerk

advisary and financial partners:

Färgfabriken, Center for Contemporary Art and Architecture, Stockholm

ZKM, Karlsruhe

Brändström & Stene Gallery, Stockholm

Friedrich Jürgenson Foundation

The Kingdoms of Elgaland- Vargaland


The Jürgenson/KREV Starhouse, constructed for The Land Foundation (Chiang Mai, Thailand), started as an idea after a visit to The Land in Chiang Mai 2001. It took a few years to let the concept of The Land sink into our minds and in 2003 the first outlines of the house was ready.

The eight-pointed star shaped residence platform is based on the hierarchical diagram designed in 1992-93 for the constitution of The Kingdoms of Elgaland- Vargaland (KREV), a conceptual art project by Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Leif Elggren <>. This diagram is a model for an alternative way to look on present day hierarchical structures and meant to serve as an equalizer, levelling out the gap between a ruler and a people.

As a one-room house it's meant to be a place for solitude and meditation as well as an open room inviting a potential guest. It can be closed off, partly open in any direction or completely open. One person can stay or two, maybe three.

There is no electricity but a solar cell energy source might be installed to activate a lap top computer or a1485kHz radio receiver. The 1485kHz frequency refers to the radio frequency that Friedrich Jürgenson (1903-1987), the pioneer of EVP (electronic voice phenomena), used when establishing communication with "the other side" <>. This house and the use of it are partly dedicated to his memory and his work.

P Su, Feng Shui expert, finds the best place
for the star house by using a compass.

P Su compared the direction in the compass with
special Feng Shui compass.

Tools used to find best Feng Shui spot for the
star house: compass, Feng Shui compass,
Feng Shui reference (P Su’s research based on
her studies and experience), 9-squared plan and
the star house blue print.

P Su is telling the concept idea how to place the

The Star House will be built between Tobias
and Rirkrit’s houses.

P Su discusses with P Pat (Architect) and Kamin
about the house.

The Feng Shui expert, the architect and the
constructor are measuring the land according
to the house blue print and Feng Shui.




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